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Artists Trade Union of Russia an All-Russian social organization, uniting on a voluntary basis artists (painters, graphic artists, sculptors, masters of decorative and applied arts etc.), art historians, museum and gallery workers etc.


The Trade Union charter was registered on April 20, 1999, on the basis of the Russian Federation law On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity from January 12, 1996.


The main purpose of the Trade Union is the protection of creators rights.


The Trade Union acts in 67 Russian regions and 34 foreign countries.


On December 1, 2023, 8037 artists and other art workers are the members of the Trade Union.


Under the Trade Union there are:

regional representative offices (primary organizations);

foreign representative offices;

Rating Centre, working on the reference book United Art Rating;

profile sections;

the protection service of historic-cultural and architectural heritage;


legal service;

producing centre;

other services, organizations and interest groups.


The Trade union holds the Register of professional artists of Russian Empire, the USSR, Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union republics (more than 50000 artists).


Founder and first chairman (1999-2020) of the Artists Trade union of Russia Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Zagraevsky (1964-2020), painter, art-critic, founder and Editor-in-chief of "United Art Rating" Reference book, Russian Academy of Arts Full Member (Academician), Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.


Chairman of the Artists Trade union of Russia (since 2020) Prof. Dr. Nikolay N. Sednin, painter, art-critic, Honorary President of International Academy of Contemporary Arts.

Co-chairman of the Artists Trade union of Russia Olga V. Ozolina, art-critic, International Academy of Contemporary Arts Full Member (Academician), Honored Artist of Russia.


Art Director Lyudmila A. Dyakova, Director of the jewelry company "Dalus".

Art Director Tatyana E. Panich, Director of the "Ardena" art gallery, Russian Art Critics Academy Corresponding Member.

Executive Secretary Olga N. Veretina, art-critic, International Academy of Contemporary Arts Corresponding Member.

Chairman of the Coordination Council for Cooperation with Art Organizations Leonid A. Feodor, Honored Artist of Russia, President of the Eurasian Art Union.


Far East region Supervisor, Foreign affairs Advisor Sergey A. Vasenkin, painter, Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts, Honored Artist of Russia.




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The reference book

United Art Rating


The Register of Russian

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